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Selena Gomez is giving us a lot to look forward to.

On Wednesday, the pop star will release a “Bad Liar” short film. After that? Who knows, but whatever it is… it’ll sound unique to anything she’s ever put forth.

Gomez opened up to iHeart Radio to speak at length about her recent release, then revealed her next release(s) are on the way.

“You know what’s crazy is I actually some time off last year. There was a lot happening in my personal life and I think, creatively, I felt a little stumped,” she explains. “And when I went into the studio, I’ve been recording for about a year, and writing and working on new music, and we had ‘Bad Liar’ for about a year. And it was more about just the timing of where I was, and what I wanted my music to sound like, and how I wanted it to feel different and separate from everything else.”

Gomez is currently dating The Weeknd, but when “Bad Liar” was conceptualized she was flying solo. “I was very much single when I was working on the song, and I think I was missing that feeling. It’s a story. It starts off telling exactly what you feel when you’re in that initial rush of being into someone, and I think that that feeling is something that I’ve always been a sucker for. So, I just think it’s addicting, and it’s beautiful, and it’s complicated, and I loved that.”

She adds: “For me, I’ve always tried to figure out what separates me, and I think I’m always constantly searching for that, whether it’s in film or acting or creative or content. I’ve always tried to find what really makes me feel unique, and I think the storytelling and how simple it is,” she tells us. “At the end of the day it’s really just a song that’s talking about something very basic, but it’s beautiful and it’s catchy, and I think that’s what I wanted it to capture.”

Gomez recalls how everything came together. “I kind of hovered away a little bit because I really tried to find the balance in my life. I think it’s really important for me to figure out what makes me happy, and I don’t really want to be all over the place. I want to pick the things that I’m passionate about, and I want to make them great, and I think that’s where I’m at in my life and in my career. So, I take the moments for myself,” she said.

“I spent a year in the studio, and now I’m putting all of these pieces together, and it’s coming a lot faster than people think. But that’s what makes it great, because there’s a little mystery to it, and it sounds so separate from everything else I’ve done. I mean, from the Kygo record, to ‘Bad Liar’ and the next thing that’s after ‘Bad Liar’ is so separate from that, it’s just me trying to figure out where it’s gonna go. And I don’t really have a set plan, but a lot of new music is coming for sure.”

We’re holding her to it.

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