Selena Gomez Premieres “Same Old Love” Music Video: Watch

September 22, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Gomez stares off into space before taking the stage to sing her latest ‘Revival’ single.

Selena Gomez Premieres "Same Old Love" Music Video: Watch

Selena Gomez dropped an underwhelming new music video for “Same Old Love” on Apple Music today (Sep. 22).

The Michael Haussman-directed clip shows Gomez people watching as she’s escorted around in the backseat of a car service in New York City. Everywhere she turns, she sees people sick of that same old love.

On her way to an event, Gomez pulls a fast one on her entourage, sneaking off to a club instead of the red carpet she’s expected at. She makes up for it in the end, however, basking in the spotlight on stage as she sleepily sings the single for thousands of screaming fans.

Gomez appears sombre and unenthused throughout the clip, leaving us wondering if she’s just so sick of the same old thing.

“I think I’m nervous, but I kinda feel like a pregnant woman on her ninth month,” Gomez recently said of her new record ‘Revival’ out Oct. 9. “I’m just ready to get the album out. It just needs to be out. I think that’s when you push yourself that’s when you get your best stuff. I’m excited for people to dissect it and explore it and see what they’re going to talk about. That’s what I want. I want them to talk about my music. I want them to talk about what I think about, what I sing about.”

And before you ask, no, Charli XCX does not make an appearance in the video. Watch it here: