Selena Gomez Premieres “Good For You” Video

June 26, 2015 By Ross

And it’s a pretty low-key affair.

Selena Gomez is ****, grown and showering in the visual for her sensual new single “Good For You.”

The 22-year-old writhes around different sets looking pretty in the low-key video, which premiered on VEVO this morning.

The Sophie Muller-directed video features a stripped back solo version of the slow jam, meaning featured rapper A$AP Rocky unfortunately doesn’t make an appearance.

While A$AP’s verse doesn’t add too much to the song the new version of “Good For You” is much weaker, in my opinion. It places even more emphasis on the singer’s breathy Lana Del Rey-lite vocals and makes the already-minimal production pretty much nonexistent.

Sure, the video makes it a much more intimate affair and it works – to some extent – for this song but, for me, the purpose of music videos is to elevate a single from just another song to becoming a moment in pop music. And this just isn’t her moment.

But what do I know? I might just not get it. Since the first time I heard the song I thought it would make for a nice sultry album filler but not the #1 single many consider it to be.

What do you think of the video?