Selena Gomez makes up for lost time.

Gomez just released Rare, which contains a few shimmering pop gems that deserve the world’s undivided attention, like “Dance Again” and “People You Know,” but she’s already got her sights set on releasing more new music.

During her recent appearance on Fallon, Gomez says there are more songs in her back pocket that she’d like Selenators to hear. There’s one in particular titled “Boyfriend” she’s especially fond of. It appears to be another creation of songwriter Justin Tranter, who co-wrote most of Rare with Julia Michaels.

“There’s a few other songs that I couldn’t help but want to exist. So I can’t really tell when,” she said.

“But one of my favorite tracks is called ‘Boyfriend.’ So I can’t wait for people to hear that one.”

Fans waited years for solo Selena music, so we deserve this 😏.

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  1. I just knooow I’m gonna be able to relate to this song and love it. I have a great history with Boyfriend titled songs. I loooved Ashlee Simpson’s, and I loved Ari’s too. ❤

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