Selena Gomez serves a second clip.

Look at her now! Selena went from a lengthy musical hiatus to dropping a new album and a bunch of music videos.

For the track, Gomez teamed up again with frequent collaborators, Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter (they worked together extensively on Revival, as well as Selena’s previous release), as well as Ian Kirkpatrick. Kirkpatrick also handled the song’s production, which is shimmering and synth-heavy. Selena’s vocals are chopped and diced when she sings mmm mmm, elsewhere they’re breathy.

They fell in love one summer
A little too wild for each other
Shiny ’til it wasn’t
Feels good ’til it doesn’t
It was her first real lover
His too ’til he had another
Oh, God, when she found out
Trust levels went way down

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