An introvert anthem is born.

Julia Michaels’ new six-track EP, Inner Monologue Part 1, is available to stream. It kicks off with a new collaboration alongside Selena Gomez titled “Anxiety.”

The song is a flurry of uneasy emotion. It’s like Julia ripped out a page from her diary on a day where she furiously scribbled how uncomfortable she is in public settings, then hopped into the recording studio. It’s not necessarily the event at hand or the actual people that pose an issue, rather it’s the anticipation leading up to the occasion that the pop star struggles with.

“My friends, they wanna take me to the movies / I tell ’em to f–k off, I’m holding hands with my depression,” she croons over a sugary sweet guitar melody. “And right when I think I’ve overcome it / Anxiety starts kicking in to teach that s–t a lesson.”

Selena doubles down on that icky angst; that feeling of recognizing something’s not right, but unable to put your finger on it.

It’s worth mentioning Selena has been pretty open about the importance of mental health. In my opinion, taking care of your mind is THE most important part of anyone’s life.

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“People so badly wanted me to be authentic,” she said in 2017. “I’ve been very vulnerable with my fans, and sometimes I say things I shouldn’t. But I have to be honest with them. I feel that’s a huge part of why I’m where I am.”

I’d say mission accomplished.

Gomez had a few kind words for Julia upon the song’s release.

“My sweet soul sister. Julia you have been a huge part of my life,” she said. “You have taught me how to have courage when I have self doubt. This song is extremely close to my heart as I’ve experienced anxiety and know a lot of my friends do too. You’re never alone if you feel this way. The message is much needed and I really hope you guys like it!”

Upon first listen, “Anxiety” is a little strange because of the song’s structure. At times, it feels rushed and confusing, kind of like the feeling of anxiousness.

Most of the track is a bummer, because let’s face it… anxiety is not the tea, but it ends with an uplifting moment from Selena when she gushes, ‘I love this song.’ That line was probably never meant to see the light of day, but it gives us insight to how relatable the song is for both leading ladies.

If you’ve ever battled the internal struggle of feeling the millennial urge to go out (FOMO!), but would rather spend time on your couch, gobbling down pizza and ice cream and watching Netflix or streaming good tunes, then “Anxiety” is your life’s new soundtrack song.

Stream that, as well as Julia’s other new songs, including a separate collaboration with Niall Horan, below:

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