“You’re on the list. Stay tuned for more from Selena.”

The first taste of Selena Gomez’s Revival followup could bet just around the corner.

The pop star’s website received an update – it’s asking fans to join a mailing list to “be the first to know.” To know what, Selena? TO KNOW WHAT?

After submitting, a message reads: “You’re on the list. Stay tuned for more from Selena.”

Perhaps the fans that play along will get an early glimpse of Selena’s forthcoming record.

Over the last year, Gomez reconnected with her Revival dream team, Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter, as well as Gucci Mane, Jacob Kasher and OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder.

Interscope Execs Say Selena Gomez’s New Music Is “Next-Level”

Tedder wouldn’t go into detail about her new tunes they created together in a new interview with Access Hollywood, but admitted one of the cuts is a “very, very, very heartfelt goose-bumpy mid-tempo.”

“She knows what she wants, she has a distinct point of view,” he said. “No amount of hit records, no matter how big they are, if she doesn’t believe it or feel it, she’s not singing it, she’s not keeping it.” He added, “it’s rare that I’m around an artist that’s so calm. Just literally she’s calm and confident.” As for the new music? “We’ve done a couple of records. I couldn’t begin to predict what will make her album, but the ones that we did I’m ecstatic about. They don’t sound like anything else she has.” Watch below:

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