Is Selena making a “Hands To Myself” remix or a brand new studio album?


Selena Gomez might get her very own “See You Again.”

We don’t know why Selena and Wiz Khalifa were in the studio together recently, but it appears they’re making new music. Wiz posted this video on SnapChat of him recording while Selena sits a foot away. She realizes the camera is on and blows a kiss.

There’s several reasons she could be back in the studio so soon after her recent Revival release. She’s…

1. Crafting a “Hands To Myself” remix.
2. Working on a Revival re-release.
3. Recording a new followup album.

Selena did recently admit she’s got her sights set on the next studio release, telling Zach Sang & The Gang backstage at the GRAMMYs several weeks ago:

“I’m already getting back in the studio with everybody that I love and I’ve been more inspired than ever,” she said. Gomez also opened up about her upcoming tour. “Creating the tour right now is even more surreal because I’m bringing it to life. It’s very, very genuine. The whole tour you’re going to feel so connected and I love that and I can’t wait for people to be a part of it.”

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