Selena Gomez In A Bra & Handcuffs On Video Shoot

November 30, 2015 By Jordan Miller

The “Revival” singer can’t keep her hands to herself.


Selena Gomez can’t keep her hands to herself.

Perhaps that’s why the 23-year-old is rocking a pair of handcuffs during a music video shoot Sunday night in West Hollywood.

Selena Gomez continued filming her next Revival music video, and word on the street it’s for “Hands To Myself.” Gomez even described the song in a new interview as one of her favorites, saying “it was one of the last songs that I had recorded. We thought we had the whole album together. It was more, ‘what are girls not doing? What are the vibes that are happening?’ We got a little Prince-esque in it, a little of a whisper going on, and the idea is fun. It’s so intoxicating when you get that feeling, being infatuated, not really caring, being free with it. It’s a little cheeky, it’s fun.”

ET caught a sneak peek of her on-set (for five minutes), detailing a scene where she’s arrested by a police officer.

“At one point, Selena had to fix her shirt and she unbuttoned it in front of everyone, showing off her black bra,” an eyewitness said of the tightly secured music video shoot. “Selena seemed to be in good spirits, was laughing and chatting with crew – very friendly to everyone.”


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