Selena Gomez reunites with Justin Tranter and Hit-Boy.


Selena Gomez’s recording studio sessions are in full swing!

Following previous reports she was linking with Hit-Boy in the studio (see below), Revival songwriter Justin Tranter (“Good For You”) posted a photo of Gomez on Instagram with the caption “Music and love.”

Music and love.

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In a recent interview, Tranter opened up about Selena’s songwriting skillz.

“Selena knew who the f–k she was and what she wanted to sound like,” he said. “Its the executive job to help the artist to execute their vision. Back in the days, you were either an artist who wrote or you weren’t and now there’s a little bit of both. Selena is becoming a really strong writer and she always knows what she wants to say, but now we’re writing with her more and more and this ***** is killing it and its really cool to be a part of that process.”


Selena Gomez reunites with Hit-Boy.

Before Gomez cancelled the Revival Tour to focus on her mental health, she was hard at work on recording new music. Even as far back as December 2014, Gomez was teasing her time in the studio: “I will be working on some new stuff, and then by the time touring happens I’ll be able to — hopefully — play both records.”

We know now that never materialized, but it’s promising to know the pop star has years-worth of new tunes in her arsenal, and the creative process is still underway.

Over the weekend, Gomez was spotted leaving dinner with producer Hit-Boy, who crafted the album title track, “Body Heat” and “Rise.”

No word what the two discussed, but it’s safe to say her new catalogue was one of the overarching subjects.


During the Revival recording process, Gomez, Hit-Boy, and a superstar team of writers and producers snuck off to the recording studio inside Joe Francis’s Casa Aramark home in Punta Mita.

“Hit-Boy and a few of his producing team, Rock Mafia, and Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels. It was all of us in one house for five or six days,” Gomez said at the time. “We would go out, listen to live music, and go back and create in this studio – in a closet, basically. We did four songs there. Only two ended up making the record [‘Revival’ and ‘Body Heat’], but that trip was so crucial. I was just figuring out what I wanted to say.”

What the next 4 months will look like. -Even in my hotel rooms. You guys, I'm beyond excited for what's next. #2015

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Revival 2.0 on the way?

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