Selena Gomez Has A Song About Kindness On New Album

August 11, 2015 By Jordan Miller

The “Good For You” singer says her new song leans towards “Who Says.”

Selena Gomez Has A Song About Kindness On New Album

Who says you can’t be the best? Would you tell me who said that?

We don’t know much about Selena’s forthcoming record Revival besides the release date (Oct. 9) and the her single following “Good For You” is titled “Same Old Love.” Other than that, the 23-year-old has remained tight lipped about what fans can expect – that is until she hopped on the phone with Toby Knapp on his HOT 99.5 radio show in Texas.

“The album is so different,” she said after getting showered with compliments from Knapp. “There’s so many different kinds of music on the record, so I’m excited for people to hear everything.”

When asked if she could reveal a bit more, Selena says she leaned towards her 2011 hit “Who Says.”

“There’s a song about kindness on the album that I think is insane,” she continues. “It’s so true and authentic to who I am. I was trying to find another ‘Who Says’ because that’s one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever done. I wanted to find a couple of those moments and I have that on the album. I think my fans are going to be really excited.”

She adds, “I wanted to push the boundaries and work with other people that I’d never worked with before,” the most elegant princess in the world said. “Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t work and I would just go into the studio and I spent so much time trying to figure out what would make this record special… there’s this urge in me to want to bring out something inside of my voice that I’ve not done yet.”

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