It’s just one of the perks of following her on Snapchat.


UPDATE // AUGUST 12: A couple more snippets of post-Revival material managed to surface today (August 12). The latest is a song reportedly titled “Feel Me.” Listen:


Sounds like a dirty kiss-off anthem.

We still have no idea what Selena Gomez was going through a few weeks ago, but the 24-year-old pop star seems to be dealing with her demons with some good ol’ musical therapy.

Over the weekend, the social media bigwig took to Snapchat to share a teaser of a brand-new song, which will presumably be included on the follow-up to last year’s Revival. In the brief preview, a glammed out Gomez is seen rocking out to the cut behind the scenes of her tour stop in the Philippines. “Now I’m stained by you / Like a coffee ring upon this table, I’m unstable / I’m stained,” she sings in the clip. It was preceded by another snap with the caption “getting impatient – want to share moreeee.”

Gomez’s next project will mark her second Interscope release behind the aforementioned Revival. Kudos to the star for continuing to work on tunes in the middle of a tour and working out the emotional layers of being a twentysomething pop star, but here’s hoping that she makes the most of her experience on the road and then takes a brief break to, ya know, live. Finding therapy with your craft can be helpful, but the business end of things come hand in hand with the fruits of her creative labor.

Take a listen to Selena Gomez’s new song below.

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