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This sounds messy.

All hell broke loose when photos of Selena Gomez and The Weeknd making out surfaced on Wednesday, and it appears as if the R&B crooner’s former flame Bella Hadid isn’t too happy with the recent revelation.

On Saturday morning (January 14), TMZ reported that the model felt betrayed by Gomez because she and her sister Gigi were there to help the pop titan through some emotional issues in recent times. Oh, and the whole girl code thing.

Now, sources close to Gomez have hit back at the claims, revealing that her romance with The Weeknd shouldn’t be that big of a deal because she was never really that close with either of the Hadid sisters.

In the newest report on the love triangle, sources close to the pop titan admit that if Selena felt like she needed to tell Bella about the romance, she simply would have. According to her, she’s never been incredibly close with either models. They’ve just always been in reach because of squad ringleader Taylor Swift.

As for The Weeknd, well, he hasn’t said anything on the debacle, but it’s only a matter of time before this gets even messier. Cue Tisdale’s “He Said She Said.”

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