She dreams about *** too! Plus, find out if she’s collaborating with Taylor Swift.

Selena Gomez Answers Several Personal Questions On Capital FM

Selena Gomez turned bright red when she talks about sexting.

It’s rare Gomez opens up regarding anything non-music related, but she played along during a segment titled Risky Roulette on Capital FM this weekend. We found out several revealing tidbits about the Revival singer, including the admission she’s only been with one person before (Justin Bieber).

The highlights:

■ No Twitter beef with anyone
■ Enjoyed a sexual dream about a co-star
■ Has sent a naked photo of herself once, but admits she’s only been with one person her whole life
■ Never dated two people at the same time
■ Didn’t initially know who Cristiano Ronaldo was
■ Gentlemen ask for a date in person
■ No current plans to record a duet with Taylor Swift, but wants to

Because we know you… here’s the full list of her risky questions: