Pool gazing.

Selena Gomez and Marshmello casually dropped a banger with “Wolves.”

Their breathy doom and gloom electro-pop bop finds Selena cooing over the producer’s breezy beats, and it’s unexpectedly one of the best mainstream collabos of 2017. There I said it. How did it come about?

“This was a song that I heard in Japan for the first time,” Gomez said on Beats 1, “and I was talking to Andrew Watt who is one of the writers I worked with for years, and he actually just played me a rough version and I thought it was really beautiful, and he sent it to Marshmello and created a really cool tone and a story with it, and the song is very beautiful and personal and the lyrics just have a whole story of its own. Weirdly, at the same time I was working on it in Japan, I was going through stuff, too, so it’s mirrored everything.”

They premiered a too cute, DIY video exclusively on Spotify that finds the pair Facetiming each other as they enjoy the fruits of their labor. There’s also a second clip that arrives today. It’s a visualizer (essentially a GIF soundtracked to the song). In it, the camera pans up at Selena who gazes from a diving board into a pool. Because why not?

It’s another great reason to give the track a play; get ready for some big numbers next week.

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