Second Houston Radio Station Fiasco

Houston, Texas is not pleased with Britney Spears apparently.

On Friday, Britney made the rounds with radio stations all over the country to promote her Las Vegas residency, the “Work *****” music video and her upcoming studio album. During her first Houston interview (with Hot 95.7), Britney would pause before answering each question for reasons unknown. After she said her goodbyes, the radio hosts trashed her saying “those meds blocked her hearing” and she didn’t answer fast enough because has voices in her head.

Her second Houston interview, this time with with Roula & Ryan from 104.1 KRBE, went equally as bad – so bad it won’t be aired.

They wanted to change up the interview process which resulted in the station getting “in trouble,” and now can’t share it.

This lead to a five-minute segment on the air today about how unprofessional Britney is for not being equipped (in their opinion) to answer questions.

“15 years in the business… we hate doing interviews, especially when there’s conditions placed upon them. They said you can ask her three different things (no personal). She knows she’s got three subject matters to deal with and she’s probably got like 30 radio stations she has to do this for, and she didn’t have a freakin’ answer prepared. Nothing!”

They bring on a fan who interns at the station and says they’re very disappointed as a Britney fan.

Sounds like they made fun of her “to her face” which obviously Team Britney won’t be cool with. Guess we’ll never know!

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