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Britney’s boys, Sean & Jayden, shocked guests by repeatedly yelling, “Oh ****!” at the swag party at the Teen Choice Awards last Sunday, according to new reports.

“We were all surprised by their potty mouths, but it was actually pretty funny,” said one guest.


But Britney was allegedly “too busy picking out freebies to chastise the boys for misbehaving.”


According to Eonline.com, Britney closed off the tent where her and the boys were playing to ensure maximum privacy.

If it were closed off, how could anyone hear the cute little “oh shits” from the boys???

On the other hand, Britney openly stated last year that Kevin teaches the boys bad words.

Whatever… file this under the ******** category.

Next to the “Britney is dating Jason Trawick” story.

UPDATE: The LAtimes has confirmed this story to be FALSE.

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