Several BreatheHeavy members have emailed in saying they’ve been chosen to participate in the special screening in Hollywood, CA on Nov. 20!

Britney is confirmed to be making an appearance at the event, in which she will “share some of her most memorable moments with 200 super-lucky fans.”

Fortunately for us, several fans have promised to email in the juicy gossip as soon as the screening is over!

One reader sent in a few details MTV has enforced for the special screening, saying there are only 200 seats available, and 300 confirmed tickets for the event! Are they nuts?! Do they knowww how crazy Britney fans can get?

Additionally, MTV has not provided an address to fans attending the screening. Instead fans will meet at the Arclight Cinema, where they will be shuttled to the studio where the screening will take place.

“There are multiple security checks: metal detectors, and no cell phones / cameras.”

OH, and fans were told to dress like they were going to a club. The screening is at 11:45am. In fact, when applying for tickets, fans were asked their ethnicity, eye color, hair color, height, weight and body type. Only hot fans allowed! Looks like I’m out.

Rumor has it Britney will be screening her new MTV documentary “For The Record.”

Long story short, BreatheHeavy will have all the deets come November 20th! ( Pretend I’m sticking my tongue out when I say this: ) So, there!

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