Britney’s remained the strongest pop force of our generation thanks to her professionalism and hard work ethic, so it’s no surprise “Scream & Shout” director Ben Mor gushed to MTV about collaborating with her.

“She’s kind of an enigma. Every generation has their pop queen/icon, and I think she is just that person,” Mor told MTV News. “Needless to say, her track record speaks for itself: her albums, her music, her iconic past videos and all the stuff she’s done. She’s earned her stripes. You’re dealing with an institution.”

Mor jumped at the chance to work with Britney and compared watching her on set to an animal in their natual habitat.

“As far as what makes her that, I think it’s a combination of, from the get-go, she has the pop triple threat. It’s like *** appeal, beauty and catchy-as-hell pop songs, hits, global hits,” he gushed. “And you don’t need more than that.”

“I was very, very excited. Needless to say, I’ve always wanted to work with her and so completely looking forward to it, super stoked that I finally get to work with her,” he said. “And she was absolutely super professional. [She] wasted no time, showed up before anybody else. [She] was spot on time, not a minute late. Her hair and makeup team, her glam team was amazing to work with. She did her thing. It was awesome to watch. She just lights up. The music kicks in, and it was just awesome. I can’t say enough good things about her and her team. They were just awesome.”

As for the music video, Mor wanted a simple, futuristic vibe where fans could make GIFs galore.

“It was about trying to show some youth culture. To us, we both like what’s going on with all the GIF madness. GIFs are kind of like the new photos. The whole video is like hundreds of GIFs put together, if you will.”

He continued: “I think when I decided on the style, I knew it was going to be sleek, minimalist. I knew it was going to have a white environment, a black environment, and I knew that I was going to a fashion kind of world, so it’s almost like a moving fashion spread. Making them multiple matched the beat and visually popped. It’s just a stylist choice. It didn’t take too much brains to figure out it looked fresh,” he said.

“What’s better than 10 Britneys, you know?”

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