Scarlett Is Still Upset Britney Beat Her To Wearing Dress

July 29, 2005 By Jordan Miller

SCARLETT JOHANSSON has vowed to be more careful about her fashion choices, after discovering she’d worn a dress that BRITNEY SPEARS had posed in just two months earlier.

The LOST IN TRANSLATION star was thrilled with the gold frock she donned to London’s Brit Awards last year (04), but was horrified when she discovered that TOXIC singer Spears had already been snapped in the same outfit.

Johansson says, “I was at a shoot the day before (the awards show), and that ROBERTO CAVALLI dress was hanging on the rack, so I swiped it.

“I found out a couple months later that Britney Spears had worn the same dress, and a magazine ran these pictures like, ‘Who looks better?’ I was like, ‘Oh, no.'”

Credit: Contact Music