Giorgio Moroder says Britney “sounds so good.”

Say What? Moroder Comments On Britney's "Tom's Diner"

Did Giorgio Moroder just provide the tea or shade on Britney’s “Tom’s Diner.”

We can’t help but compare Britney’s collaboration with Giorgio Moroder to her collaboration with Iggy Azalea seeing as she hasn’t released a song in ages then two pop up in the span of a week. On the one hand, “Pretty Girls” is a fun pop song, but it feels a little forced. It’s as if there was major cash money poured into researching what the kids are into and out came “Pretty Girls,” whereas Tom’s Diner was a left turn for Brit Brit (“artsy fartsy” if you will). Was “Tom’s Diner” a crazy ingenious choice for Britney? Probably not, but her vocals, Moroder’s production and the electro synth surge of energy injected into the track made for pretty outstanding record.

Moroder briefly talked about “Tom’s Diner” to Billboard, and we’re not sure what to make of his comment, so we’ll let you decide.

“On my new album, Britney Spears wanted to do the Suzanne Vega song ‘Tom’s Diner.’ The song doesn’t have a big range, and I added a bridge and some instrumental stuff. Britney sounds so good, you would hardly recognize her.”