Former fifth of Girls Aloud, Sarah Harding, has finally launched her solo career. Check it out!

Sarah Harding Releases Debut Solo Effort,

The debut offering from Girls Aloud alum’ Sarah Harding has landed.

As part of one of the most successful girl bands in British pop history, Harding has racked up 20 consecutive top 10 hits, four #1 singles, a BRIT award and some of the best pop music to come out of the UK this century, so naturally the pressure is on for her first solo attempt.

I’m sure you’ll be pleased to learn that with “Threads” she rises to the challenge somewhat spectacularly.

After the critical success of former bandmate Nicola Roberts’ first record and the commercial triumph of pretty much every one of Cheryl Fernandez-Vercini’s projects, Sarah certainly faces tough competition from her former colleagues but her sound is so distinctly dissimilar from any post-Girls Aloud material that the comparisons don’t even feel particularly useful. Utilising a light rock/post-punk/pop instrumental (try saying that ten times fast) and some deliciously snarky lyricism, “Threads” is not only unlike Harding’s previous ventures, it also stands a decided distance from any pop offering so far this year.

Hopefully Sarah’s comeback track will be unique enough to gain some considerable airplay but not so different that it doesn’t make sense on 2015’s radio playlists as it’s a solid first attempt and one that feels particularly well suited to Harding’s self-confessed “gobby” nature.

Stay tuned for the music video which is undoubtedly in the offing and album set to drop this summer.

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