X17 text messaged Sam early this morning about the on-going feud between him and Britney’s parents Lynne and Jamie. Here is Sam’s side:


X17: u there?

Sam: I’m in a room with her now. Doctor refuses to get any info from Adnan or the family. They’ve requested my presence.

X17: so the doc’s requested u so u could give her recent medical history?

Sam: Yes.

X17: Is Lynne pissed at you? Why is Adnan there?

Sam: Lynne didn’t want to go along with the doctor trying to get her help ‘case she was worried Britney would blame her for it. Britney learned that Lynne has been in contact with Adnan these past few weeks and was furious over that … Britney was suffering a mental breakdown. She’s been under the care of Deborah Nadel this past week. After today’s visit, the doctor felt Britney needed to be hopitalized.

X17: So Nadel suggested the hospitalization?

Sam: Yes, Deborah did.

X17: Is Brit going to stay at UCLA for a while?

Sam: A few days at least.

X17: Was she asleep when they brought her in? Did she go willingly?

Sam: Wasn’t asleep. Went willingly.

X17: Why did her mom rush to the house? Who called her? Seemed like an emergency. Did the doc really think Brit would hurt herself?

Sam: No, doc was concerned more about the driving. Not suicide.

X17: And why was she not sleeping the past two days? A manic episode?

Sam: Yes.

I personally am still not over the “Britney Suicide Attempt” LIE. A little part of me died last night when I read that.

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