Watch her impromptu performance of it.

After an angry power walk, Lorde found herself getting emotional to Rihanna’s ANTi cut “Higher.”

The Kiwi singer faced a wave of backlash (we see you, Adam Levine) for not singing during her performance at the VMAs, but she’s already moved on from that and proved she can still very much sing.

Lorde hosted a not-so-secret concert in Los Angeles this week, and during a candid chat with fans, recalled a time during the Melodrama writing sessions where she felt like she was “too much” for someone else. That inspired Lorde to go for a fiery stroll through the streets of New Zealand to clear her head. After making her way far enough to not want to trek it back home, the pop star called a “low rent” Uber. She found herself listening to Rihanna’s “Higher,” and began to cry.

Watch below. The moment even produces an impromptu cover of the song, and it sounds entirely different from Rih’s.

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