“You must think that I’m new to this, but I have seen this all before.”

Sam Smith’s new single is an evolution.

UPDATE // September 5: Sam has shared a couple of lyrics from the track and has confirmed it does indeed drop September 8.


In the the span of a couple years, Smith went from pleading for a lover not to leave him with “Stay With Me,” to being all too good at letting them go.

Smith’s new tune is reportedly titled “Too Good At Goodbyes.” That has not yet been confirmed, but it’s the name floating around the Internet right now. “Too Good At Goodbyes” was recently registered under Smith’s name on music registration website PPLUK.

What do we know for sure? His lead single will hit the net on Friday, September 8. The Grammy Award winner shared a couple of posters scattered around the world advertising so – it appears to be a Spotify exclusive.

Morning London x

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Morning Los Angeles x

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The buzz making the rounds says it’s a collaboration with Jimmy Napes, the producer behind most of Smith’s 2014 debut, In The Lonely Hour.

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