Could be a screaming match. Could be a hit.

Did Sam Smith cook up a collaboration with Demi Lovato?

Sam’s new album is on the way. His lead single, reportedly titled “Too Good At Goodbyes,” drops next Friday, September 8. Other than that, half of which is purely speculation, we don’t know much, but this is the Internet and we love a juicy rumor, right? Here’s a bite for you: Demi Lovato *might* have a spot on Sam’s new record.

Where did this chatter sprout from? Sam, or most likely his social media manager, “liked” a Tweet from a follower who demanded a collaboration between the two.

It’s worth noting Sam’s account has liked a hundred or more Tweets in the last couple days, so it might be a nod for enthusiasm, or, better yet, something more. We just don’t know yet, but it’s a good sign.

Sam and Demi on the same song together could be a disaster; they’re both powerhouse vocalists with a flair for soul, but they both want the spotlight and it could turn into a screaming match. Who am I kidding? It’d be a hit.

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