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Sam Smith To Undergo Throat Surgery

Prepare yourself for some more bad news.

Sam Smith’s label as the “male Adele” just got hit a little too close to home. Much like the British pop powerhouse experienced in late 2011, Smith is set to undergo surgery next week after developing a vocal cord hemorrhage AKA **** just got real.

All this bad news regarding vocal chords started early last week when Smith took to Facebook to inform folks that he had to cancel the remainder of his Australian tour because of vocal exhaustion. After the initial cancellation, he later had to scrap shows in Japan and the Philippines, before heading over to the United States to see a specialist. It’s obvious now that things are much worse than he originally predicted. Smith won’t be able to speak for three weeks after the operation.

I have my operation booked for next week, so getting really nervous. But by doing this in 8 weeks time I’m gonna be able to sing like never before so it’s worth it. I am so sorry to all.”

Geeze. All this news of cancelled and reschedules shows from Britney to Jessie J is unfortunate. However, in Sam’s case, he needs to keep them lips shut and listen to doctor’s orders, so that he can make a full recovery. BreatheHeavy sends you well wishes on your surgery, Sam!

Read his full announcement in the tweet below.

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