Plus some of your favorite pop stars who’ve taken on the iconic soundtrack role.


Rumors that Sam Smith will write and perform the new James Bond theme song are gaining traction following his return to performing after vocal surgery.

Sam Smith took to Twitter yesterday to confirm that he’ll be hitting the stage again next month after a successful operation on his vocal chords, but according to multiple reports that’s not the only treat his fans can look forward to this year…

After much speculation, it’d seem that the press have reached an almost unanimous decision that Smith will tackle the theme song for the latest instalment of the British film institution that is James Bond. Although no confirmation has been offered as of yet, the artist selected for the role is usually a terribly kept secret for at least a year prior to the film’s release.

If Sam does end up with the prestigious honor, he’ll be joining the likes of Adele, Tom Jones, Paul McCartney and even Madonna – not bad company to be in, I’m sure you’ll agree, especially for an artist who is realistically still in the infancy of his career.

Although some purists will undoubtedly turn up their noses at the idea of someone so young and so… ‘pop’ taking on the Bond theme (I could have an argument with you about how pop Sam Smith really is, but for the sake of our collective sanity let’s not open that can of worms), pop artists have frequently done a smashing job of tackling cinema’s most iconic theme franchise.

Madonna – “Die Another Day”

The Queen of Pop and controversy was always going to leave a mixed reaction in her wake with this auto-tuned, bit-dance effort but between the complete disregard for the conventions of James Bond and the superb music video this was a very strong effort from Madge.

Alicia Keys and Jack Black – “Another Way To Die”

Jack Black may not be the epitome of pop artistry but Alicia Keys certainly is. Although their collaboration – the first duet in the history of Bond – was met with a lukewarm critical response, it’s a track that’s aged well and with its soft piano riffs and bass galore it’s quite the bop.

Duran Duran – “A View To A Kill”

I get it, you probably haven’t heard of ’80s pop titans Duran Duran but just listen to “A View To A Kill” and you’ll see why they’re not only a British institution but proud creators of one of the best Bond themes.

Adele – “Skyfall”

And then of course there’s Adele who scooped a Golden Globe, Grammy and an Oscar for her contribution to 2012’s Skyfall. The Paul Epworth produced track is not only one the best Bond themes in many, many years, it’s also one of Adele’s finest songs.

Shirley Bassey – “Diamonds Are Forever”

Just listen to the song. No explanation needed.

What’s your favorite Bond song?