The singer/songwriter didn’t know racism occurred in London until yesterday.


UPDATE: Smith posted the following on Instagram:

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Breaking: Sam Smith has just discovered that racism still exists.

Sam Smith is facing ridicule on Twitter after a misguided attempt to “shed light” on the issue of racism in London. After watching his friend suffer racial abuse, Sam took to Twitter to express how much the incident had upset him.

Whilst Smith was undoubtedly well intentioned, his comments have been highlighted as symptomatic of an almost unbelievable level of white privilege. Many Twitter users feel that Sam’s reaction painted him as the victim, drawing attention to how upset he was rather than the plight of his friend. Moreover, he’s been ridiculed for appearing not know that racism still occurs in London and that the police are still next to useless when it comes to bringing those guilty of racial hate crimes to justice.

Here are a selection of Twitter’s most cutting and most hilarious responses:

Let’s hope Sam Smith learns a valuable lesson from this and does some more research into racial inequality because he seems to be painful uninformed on the subject, especially since so much of his music is of black origin.

What do you think? Is Sam Smith a white savior or does he have a little more homework to do?