John Legend has joined Sam Smith for the first live outing of the collaborative version of Sam’s “Lay Me Down”.

Are you in an emotionally safe space? If not, I wouldn’t recommend watching Sam and John’s heartfelt rendition of ‘In the Lonely Hour’ ballad “Lay Me Down”.

The two superstars paired up for the UK’s Red Nose Day tonight and the results were predictably spectacular.

Check out the clip below:

John and Sam have voices that fit together so beautifully, it’s a wonder this duet didn’t happen sooner. As brilliant as the track was without Legend, he adds a dimension to “Lay Me Down” that makes it instantly more listenable – there’s something a little dull about the original that the change in tone offered by John’s signature vocal rectifies. Both guys sounded on point and, to be frank, when interspersed with those clips of suffering children in Africa, the whole thing was a bit too much for me to handle.

The performance was a part of Comic Relief’s annual Red Nose Day, which for those amongst you who aren’t British citizens, is basically the UK’s largest fundraising evening and sees stars from all mediums of entertainment banding together to raise money for children both in the UK and across Africa. All proceeds from the single sales go to the charity. Lovely.

Should you want to donate to Comic Relief you can do so here, and should you need me, I’ll be sobbing in a corner.

What did YOU think of the first duo-performance of “Lay Me Down”?