Sam was on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show on kIIs fm this morning, and just chatted for a bit, as well as clearing up some rumors. Britney makes a brief cameo; she’s a dork! Haha check it out.


Rumor 1: Britney Was Shopping ******* Last Night at 2 a.m.
Sam: It was midnight, I think.
Ryan: Was she *******?
Sam: No, that never happened. Definitely not *******.
Ryan: And last night’s shopping spree was inspired by what?
Sam: Boredom and a lack of new digs.

Rumor 2: Britney Is or Wants to Get Pregnant
Ryan: What was with the pregnancy test?
Sam: I don’t know what the hell that was. I don’t know if they even bought one. I think they were just [bleeping] around.
Ryan: Did she think she was even pregnant?
Sam: No, no, no, no, no, no.
Ryan: Does she want to get pregnant?
Sam: No, not at all.
Sam Lutfi, Britney Spears

Rumor 3: Britney Is Planning on Getting Hitched to Adnan
Ryan: Does she plan to marry Adnan?
Sam: No, that’s not true.

Rumor 4: Britney Could Be into This New Chad Character
Ryan: And where do you fall into this whole mix?
Chad: I’m still trying to figure it out myself.
Ryan: So, you’re in love with Sam?
Chad: Yeah, I guess you could say that, we’re all in love here.
Sam: Knock it off, dude.
Chad: No, I’m just a friend of Sam’s.

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