The Spears family’s temporary restraining order against Sam Lutfi is set to expire later today. Which means Britney’s onetime constant companion is now free…to continue maintaining his distance from the star.

“It’s done,” a source close to Lutfi told E! News of the already twice-renewed order. “They are dropping it.”

The order, which has been in place since February, when Spears’ parents claimed he “drugged” Britney and otherwise “purported to take control of her life, home and finances,” officially runs out at 1:30 p.m. PT.

Jamie Spears, Britney’s father and continuing conservator, opted not to renew the order, deeming it no longer necessary thanks to his daughter’s renewed mental clarity.

“Britney has made clear to everyone that she does not want to be further harassed or contacted in any way by Osama ‘Sam’ Lutfi, now or anytime in the future,” said Samuel D. Ingham III, the singer’s court-appointed attorney.

However, should she not have made herself clear enough, the Spears clan, restraining order or not, still have the upper legal hand in the situation.

Despite insistence by a Lutfi insider earlier this month that the singer’s ex-manager would refuse to sign another restraining order extension, Jamie Spears remains in charge of who is allowed to see Britney in his role as conservator of his daughter’s estate.

At least one person has come to Lutfi’s public defense.

Michael Sands, the former spokesman for Kevin Federline’s divorce attorney turned former spokesman for Lutfi, told E! News that Lutfi is “a good guy but was made to be the tabloid villain.”

“He’s glad that she is doing well and getting along with her family. Everything will work out; it will be fine and what will be, will be!”

A source close to Lutfi seconded that notion, telling E! News that Spears’ former pal “only wishes the best for her, her parents and her sons.

“He has always been supportive of Britney and has never tried to capitalize on their personal relationship. He was never in a position to control.”


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