A lawsuit from Britney’s ex-manager, Sam Lutfi, will not go to trial until next year, a judge ruled today after a hearing in L.A..

According to new reports, “Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Zaven V. Sinanian scheduled the trial of Osama “Sam” Lutfi’s lawsuit for March 8, 2010. Attorneys for Jamie Spears, the singer’s father, said his client is considering bringing a countersuit, while a lawyer for Lynne Spears, the entertainer’s mother, said he may seek to dismiss the defamation claim against her on grounds it interferes with her free- speech rights.”

Attorneys on both sides told the judge they will see if the case can be amicably resolved “with the help of a private mediator.”

Lutfi, who recently appealed the restraining order against him by Britney, is accused of undermining the conservatorship placed upon Britney.

Lutfi’s lawsuit, filed in February, claims Britney’s mom Lynne defamed Lutfi, that Jamie Spears assaulted him and that Britney owes him money for “management fees.”

Lutfi’s permanent restraining order will last until 2012, and is not allowed to see Britney, her kids or family.

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