The defamation trial Sam Lutfi initiated against Britney’s parents continued today with testimony from Lutfi himself.

He claims he protected Britney from paparazzi and other negative influences during his time with her, according to Fox News.

He explained how he met her back in May 2007 after she struck up conversation asking if she could borrow his hat. “No,” Lutfi told her.

“She liked that. She doesn’t get told `no’ often. So it was refreshing to hear `no’ once. We started talking, hit it off and she started calling and texting me. We hung out and became friends,” he said.

She was “in crisis mode,” he said. “She was very distraught. She was having a child custody battle and was in the middle of a divorce.” He added that she also had drug problems.

“She was dealing with a lot of anxiety.”

Lutfi’s lawyer asked him if he took any steps to control the intense media constantly hounding her at the time.

Lutfi, who was often interrupted by Jamie and Lynne’s lawyers during his testimony, said he would alert the press in an attempt to keep them at bay.

“I also started setting up meetings at her home with press photographers so they could get to know her as a human being,” he said, referring to himself as the singer’s “manager.” He did not say when he became her manager.

Earlier, Superior Court Judge Suzanne Bruguera denied a motion by Lufti’s lawyer to gain access to Spears’ medical records from the UCLA neuropsychiatric unit.

Lutfi’s attorney Joseph Schleimer wanted access to these records to prove drugs were not in Britney’s system when she was admitted to the hospital on January 31.

According to a reporter at the trial today, Lynne’s lawyer argues that “it doesn’t matter whether Lutfi actually did grind medications into her food–just that he told the parents.”

Lawyers for the Spears stated prior to Britney knowing Lutfi, her dad got her into rehab. “She had drug problems before she knew Lutfi.”

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