Sam Lutfi is getting with the program. He wouldn’t mind changing the channel, though.

Despite having agreed to an extension of the restraining order mandating he stay away at least 250 yards away from Britney Spears, Lutfi filed a motion Friday objecting to the Los Angeles court commissioner who’s presiding over the case.

“Sam did agree to a 30-day extension of the restraining order,” Lutfi spokesman Michael Sands told E! News on Tuesday. “However, Sam Lutfi is not stipulating to Commissioner [Reva] Goetz. If need be, Lutfi can be heard in front of a Los Angeles Superior Court judge.” (View the notice.)

Lutfi, who sources have said was involved in the recent effort to get Spears’ conservatorship case moved to federal court, would be willing to appear in court on April 16—the temporary restraining order’s new expiration date—to state his position.

“There’s nothing out of the ordinary that Sam is doing,” Sands insisted. “No person has to agree to a commissioner hearing the case. A commissioner is not a judge. If need be, and if this is going to go on, unfortunately, then [Lutfi wants it] heard in front of a judge. Basically, I just believe that Sam would like all of this to go away.”

While a commissioner performs many of the same actions as a judge—a commissioner is also overseeing Spears and Kevin Federline’s custody issues—all sides involved have to agree to it.

Sands maintains that the continued scrutiny Lutfi has been subjected to since Jamie and Lynne Spears sought to keep him away from their daughter is unfair.

“I personally have been in touch with LAPD, mental health experts and paramedics who were at the home the night [Jan. 31] of the UCLA intervention,” Sands said. “They all gave Sam Lutfi five stars for orchestrating and participating in getting Britney to UCLA.”

“I believe that if Sam brought his witnesses to court, need be, it would take the wind out of the conservators’ sails,” the rep added. “We all should just take it down and just have peace and harmony and everybody be left alone. Let it go away quietly.”

In her argument in favor of a restraining order, Lynne Spears filed a declaration last month alleging that Lutfi drugged her daughter, “essentially moved into her home” and went to great lengths to control her life.



Britney Spears’ friend Osama “Sam” Lutfi has filed papers objecting to the Superior Court commissioner assigned to the pop star’s conservatorship case.

Lutfi filed the papers Friday, but was not present for a hearing Monday at which Commissioner Reva Goetz extended a temporary restraining order against him until April 16.

His one-sentence filing said: “Please take notice that Osama “Sam” Lutfi will not stipulate to the above-referenced case being heard by Reva Goetz, commissioner presiding, to whom the above-entitled case has been assigned.”

The document was signed and indicated Lutfi was representing himself.

Although the document was filed Friday, it did not reach the courtroom in time for Monday’s hearing, Superior Court spokesman Allan Parachini said Tuesday.

Parachini said Lutfi can appear in court on April 16 to ask for the case to be reassigned to a judge.

Commissioners perform many of the same duties as judges, but all parties have to agree to a commissioner hearing a case.

Michael Sands, a spokesman for Lutfi, said during the weekend that Lutfi agreed to abide by the terms of the restraining order for another month.

The order directs Lutfi to stay at least 250 yards away from the pop star and her homes.

The order was requested by Spears’ mother, Lynne, when Spears was hospitalized on a psychiatric hold at UCLA Medical Center.


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