More drama unfolds concerning Britney and Sam Lutfi.

According to a recently filed declaration by Sam Lutfi in regards to the restraining order Jamie Spears put on Lutfi on behalf of Britney, Lutfi claims he had no direct contact with Britney, but states Adnan Ghalib did.

“Sam, who has been ordered to stay completely clear of Britney with no contact, claims “I did not initiate any direct communication with Britney Spears. Although I did receive text messages from her, all responses to those messages were conveyed to Britney through others, including … Adnan Ghalib.”

Lutfi continues to say he did “exchanged text messages with Ms. Spears.”

Lutfi “claims he never threatened any act of violence against Britney or her family.”

Britney’s bodyguard, in a filed declaration, allegedly says Lutfi is lying, saying Sam did try “to contact Ms. Spears by sending text messages” to her hairdresser.

According to several AOL instant messages, someone claimed Jamie Spears was going to make a letter written by Britney to Lutfi public, saying Jamie has “some horrible accusations regarding you.”


“Britney wrote a letter, they are going to make it public. If you’re in contact with her, you should inquire about it.

It’s possible that Jamie made it up to make you look bad. I don’t know for sure. But I would find out.”

The anonymous sender continues to plead with Lutfi about this alleged letter, even asking to meet up later.

You can read the IMs HERE.

The restraining order on Lutfi was temporarily extended until April.

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