It was an emotional day for Sam Lutfi after taking the stand for several hours at Wednesday’s defamation trial against the Spears.

Lutfi claims Britney relapsed on drugs in September, 2007, reports

“Britney called me from her car and asked me to come back and manage her and help her kick drugs,” Lutfi testified, describing an alleged Oct. 1, 2007, phone conversation.

“She was in a car parked behind a tanning salon,” he said. “She said she was parked there all night.”

He testified his first contact with Lynne was in May or June of 2007 after Britney told him they were estranged because she was frustrated that her mother relied on her financially, says a reporter at the trial.

Lutfi suggested Lynne delve into selling synthetic diamonds on QVC. Both Britney and Lynne liked the idea at the time, but fell through after Britney felt her mom sided with Kevin Federline in regards to custody of their two children. Despite the fallout, Lutfi says he and Lynne remained close and “spoke to her on phone hundreds of times,” claims the reporter.

Lutfi also describes the night of January 3, 2008 in which Britney was strapped to a gurney and taken to the hospital. He wasn’t present that night because of family affairs, but rushed to her house when he received calls from baby visitation supervisor Robin Johnson and one of her child custody attorneys she locked herself in the bathroom with Jayden.

“Jurors saw a photo of Lutfi and one of Britney’s attorneys driving out of house to Cedars together.”

“Jury also watched video of Jan. 31, 2008 (u can see on youtube) of Britney w her dog outside gate of her house, paparazzi there, asking what’s wrong. Lutfi is in car. Britney had gotten out of the car & she tells him to go inside so he does. She stays out there for a while. She’s acting bizarrely, saying she just wants to be with her dog. Eventually, Lutfi testified that one of photographers drove her in to the house. Her psychiatrist was waitng for her for their nightly appointment.

This is when Lynne & James Spears arrive at the house… Lutfi said he got word that Lynne & friend wanted to go inside & he told security to let them in. James Spears snuck in without Lutfi knowing but someone told Britney. Shee was ‘terrified’ of him & wanted to leave so she did. James came ‘barging’ into the house, chased Lutfi around the kitchen and was yelling and threatning him to leave Britney alone. Security kicked him out of the house.

The jury saw a video clip from 1/30/08 of Britney fighting with Lutfi in a car. She’s cursing and talking in a British accent & wanting him to get out of the driver’s side of the car & let her drive. Lutfi does get out & moves to passenger side. Later that night, Britney went to to psych ward for the 2nd time.”

Lutfi broke down in tears at one point during his testimony, claiming the allegations he drugged Britney have ruined his reputation. He also denied he ever told Us Weekly he gave Britney drugs, adding they made up the quotes.

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