Sabrina Carpenter wants justice in the “Sue Me” music video.

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The rising pop star recently dropped her new album, Singular: Act I (stream it here), and with it is one of my favorite pop gems in a minute. It’s titled “Sue Me,” a delicious ditty that captures that special moment when you realize your new life without your ex is far better. Revenge is best served cold!

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In the newly-premiered video, Sabrina channels her inner Elle Woods. She wallows in heartbreak and sorrow for a while before her besties literally drag her *** out of bed and throw her back into the real world. That’s when the bitterness subsides and Sabrina’s confidence takes precedence.

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She ends up strutting and posing in a court room, and the judge is like AH YEAH.

“Sue Me” is actually inspired from real-life events; Sabrina was sued by her former music management company after leaving. Looks like she won!

Watch below:

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