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Sabrina Carpenter is on the hunt in her new video for “Almost Love.”


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Main Pop Girl Alert! Sabrina just unleashed A VISUAL for her new song, “Almost Love,” the first release off the singer’s forthcoming album, Singular (out this winter).

In the clip, Sabrina seduces a man, then lures him in for a kiss, but unfortunately for the unsuspecting pretty boy… that brief romantic getaway ends up being his demise. Her smooch transforms him into stone. And in a dark turn of events she keeps his head (and others like him) as a trophy. I like her style.


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“A lot of the fans that have grown with me since my first album, or even if they knew me from my second album, or if they’re just starting to hear me on this album… they’re growing with me,” Carpenter told BreatheHeavy in our interview with her last month.

“There’s a lot of people on this album that I’m hoping can see themselves. [When I listened to this album], it’s made me feel a lot more confident and carefree in a lot of ways. I hope people can listen to this and feel that weight off their shoulders. I hope it takes them to another place. That’s my favorite thing about music – it can take me out of the world.”


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Read our interview with Sabrina here.

Watch the “Almost Love” video below:



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