Electro-tinged bop and evolving love.

Evolving love.

22-year-old Finnish singer-songwriter SAARA went viral after a video she made on YouTube titled “What Languages Sound Like To Foreigners” went viral. It caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, Lucasfilms and movie execs. Things really took of when SAARA posted a video of her singing in 14 different musical genres. “That’s where the big boys got interested and I got sucked into the wonderful world and school of how music is really made,” she said. And here we are.

SAARA’s mastery of the arts takes center stage in her new song “Superpowers,” a track she co-wrote with Teemu Brunila, Hank Solo and produced by Hank Solo. “It’s about falling in love with your childhood best friend and not telling them and being taunted by that. I love this song so much – it’s reminiscing yet hopeful and it has a killer drop. The drop makes me feel like I’m in the jungle. Riding down a waterfall on my double bass I never had.”

The Samu Amunét-directed video for the track illustrates that childhood love story in the sweetest way. Two adventurous kids spark a friendship when they’re young, but time and circumstance drift their lives apart. Eventually, they meet again as adults through a random encounter, and the rest is history. The electro-tinged production and her elevated vocals make for an infectious earworm.

Keep your eye on this one. Watch the video for “Superpowers” below:

And SAARA, **** em. You’re fierce.

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