S Club 7’s New Song “Rain” Is Not New At All

April 28, 2015 By Jordan Miller

S Club 7 need to reevaluate their marketing strategy.

S Club 7's New Song "Rain" Is Not New At All

We hate to rain on your parade, but…

“Best: The Greatest Hits of S Club 7” is a re-release of their 2003 compilation by the same name. There’s one “new” song on the record titled “Rain,” however after a little digging it’s evident the song was available for streaming on YouTube for many years prior to the announcement of “Best.” Apparently they are releasing it after fans demanded them to since 2002. In other words, S Club 7 couldn’t get their act together to meet up and record something current.

Here’s the tracklist:

1. ‘Bring It All Back’ (From 1999’s S Club)
2. ‘S Club Party’ (From 1999’s S Club)
3. ‘Two in a Million’ (From 1999’s S Club)
4. ‘You’re My Number One’ (From 1999’s S Club)
5. ‘Reach’ (From 2000’s 7)
6. ‘Natural’ (From 2000’s 7)
7. ‘Never Had a Dream Come True’ (From 2000’s 7)
8. ‘Don’t Stop Movin” (From 2001’s Sunshine)
9. ‘Have You Ever’ (From 2001’s Sunshine)
10. ‘You’ (From 2001’s Sunshine)
11. ‘Alive’ (From 2002’s Seeing Double)
12. ‘Love Ain’t Gonna Wait For You’ (From 2002’s Seeing Double)
13. ‘Say Goodbye’ (From 2003’s Best – The Greatest Hits of S Club 7)
14. ‘Everybody Get Pumped’ (From 2003’s Best – The Greatest Hits of S Club 7)
15. ‘Bring The House Down’ (From 2000’s 7)
16. ‘Friday Night’ (From 1999’s S Club)
17. ‘Rain’

Here’s a couple previews:

Do you remember when we said goodbye
How the tears fell from your eyes
And then the rain came down and washed them away
Like stars colliding in the sky

Ballsy to put forth an entire record of songs S Club 7 fans already have, then include one as “previously unreleased” that leaked some time ago.

Are you going to buy S Club 7’s new greatest hits?