The Canadian-Swiss pop artist flees responsibility.

Canadian-Swiss pop artist Rykka flees responsibility in her video for “Runnin’ Away.”

Got a case of the Mondays? Trying to make sense of President Trump’s anti-Muslim immigration ban? Still hungover from Saturday? Wouldn’t life be easier if we could leave all our troubles behind and run off into the sunset? Let’s take a cue from singer-songwriter Rykka, who evades everything dreary in the latest visual off her recently-released album Beatitudes. In the Brianne Nord-Stewart-directed clip, Rykka lost all *****: she eats a bowl of cherries, pets a baby lamb, dances in an empty pool “Formation” style and cruises through the countryside in a vintage car. How’s your 2017 going?

“I think I’ve always been obsessed with being on the move,” Rykka tells of the video. “When I was 16 my boyfriend had a car and would take me wherever I wanted to go. It was my first taste of freedom and it was so magical. Still now, I’m so lucky that I get to travel so much.”

The vid, which she shot in Luzern and the back hills near Z├╝rich last summer, is about finding “little runaway moments” in everyday life. “Not that they actually run away, but just to look inside a little deeper sometimes and bring out the best,” she added. “I think that doing life right is all in executing simple things with gusto! there’s a certain art in that.”

Take a runaway moment for yourself and watch the newly-premiered “Runnin’ Away” music video below:

Stream Beatitudes here:

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