Ryan Tedder Talks About Selena Gomez's Collabo With Zedd

Selena Gomez, Zedd and Ryan Tedder. Oh my!

It’s time for Selena Gomez to quit crying over the Biebster and get back to the party. No, I’m not talking about T Swift’s penthouse birthday celebration, where Selengend got all white-girl wasted, but the dancefloor party. Billboard spoke with triple threat Ryan Tedder during all the Grammy madness and found out how the song first started out in his hands.

Get the details on the collaboration after the cut:

During the interview, Tedder told Billboard that he has a pretty good relationship with Zedd and randomly called him up one day when he thought about having the EDM head finish a song he was working on. It didn’t take long for the DJ to complete the music nor for Selena to record her vocals before the final product was ready to go, and Tedder sounds rather impressed with the end result.

I went on a run today and listened to it on repeat in my headphones, and Selena did a bang-up job. She killed it.

As for when we’ll hear what Gomez and her rumored new bae have in store for us, Tedder told the outlet that he has “a good feeling you might hear it before the end of the month.” Reports suggest the single is set for radio adds on February 22 at 9 PM, but we’ll have to take some wise words from Britney and wait and see.

Shortly afterwards, Gomez took to Instagram to tease the collabo with a whole lot of cleavage, her girls and a caption, which read: “I’m better under your reflection….. I Want You To Know.”

I'm better under your reflection….. I Want You To Know

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