Ryan Tedder Says Madonna's New Music Is Flawless

When the OneRepublic frontman says you’re the ****, you’re the freaking ****!

Madonna fans got a taste of the Queen’s new music after two songs from her upcoming album leaked unexpectedly onto the Internet – “Rebel Hearts” and “Wash All Over Me.” It infuriated the 56-year-old so badly she destroyed a perfectly innocent iPod (after visiting the poor in Malawi, mind you. #unapologeticbitch). Let’s hope she steers clear from singer/song-writer, Ryan Tedder, who may get a bop in the head for even uttering her name in a new interview with the Mirror.

He says Madonna’s new music is the best thing she’s done in the last decade.

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“It’s her best stuff in over a decade – it’s really strong. The tracks I’ve done with her are really hard to explain.”

Do try!

It’s rumored Madonna’s lead single is a song called “Living For Love” featuring Alicia Keys. However, according to Diplo Madonna’s debut track is produced by him, a reggae/dancehall vibey jammer.

Are YOU looking forward to Madonna’s new album?