Seacrest tells us social media drastically changed the game in radio (for the better).

Ryan Seacrest reflects on how interviewing artists has changed throughout his career.

“They’ve become more accessible,” Seacrest tells BreatheHeavy at the iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas on Friday (Sep. 18). “I think they’ve become less guarded because of social media and that evolution has been interesting in the dynamic of talking on the radio.”

Seacrest spearheads his L.A. KIIS-FM radio show On Air With Ryan Seacrest since replacing Rick Dees in 2004.

He continues, “when I first started, it was much more formal. Radio has always been intimate, but even radio’s been more formal. Now there’s more of an intimacy to a conversation, and a lot more vulnerability which I think is a good thing.”

Seacrest mentions in the press room he’s a huge fan of Coldplay, who played Friday night at the festival, but looks forward to seeing The Weeknd perform live today (Sep. 19). “I’m excited to see The Weeknd play live,” he says. “For me it’s always fun to see someone I’ve never seen before.”

As for the final season of American Idol?

“We’ve had a couple of meetings recently about what we’re going to do for the final season of American Idol, and I think that all ideas are on the board,” Seacrest said in a separate interview to Billboard. “We definitely want to celebrate the success of the show throughout the course of its run, we want to look at some of the artists who’ve come out of it; who’ve become successful and bring them back.”

He adds, “I’ve spoken with Simon about us doing something together on the show for the final season… I would love to see a lot of these ideas come together, and for those who watched from the beginning… celebrate their loyalty. And those who watched at the end… give them a great show and a race to the finale.”