Ryan Cabrera Debuts Pop Rock Single "House On Fire"

Ryan Cabrera is bringing the house down.

It’s been years since we’ve heard an official release from Ryan Cabrera, but today all that changes. He released his new single, “House On Fire,” and it’s the pop rock anthem I was waiting for.

Ryan told BreatheHeavy.com back in August he planned on releasing an EP around this time, describing his music as feel-good.

“We’re going to put out five or six songs first,” he says, admitting “it’s been so long” and wants people to become familiar with him again.

“The record in general is a very upbeat, positive record. It’s very fun. You want to be in a convertible, with the top down, ******’ hanging out and just blasting the record.”

“As long as it’s positive and happy and upbeat and has the right mission… that’s the way this record’s gonna go.”

It’s a new departure for Ryan – typically his music has more of an acoustic feel to it, but I’m definitely feeling his evolved direction.

Listen to it here:

Buy “House On Fire” on iTunes.