Listen to a preview of his version of “Welcome To New York.”

Ryan Adams Is Covering Taylor Swift's

Taylor Swift approves of Adams’ conquest to reproduce “1989.”

Rockstar Ryan Adams took it upon himself to re-introduce Taylor Swift’s “1989” record, but with a twisted edgy flair. He Tweeted on Thursday (Aug. 6) his plans to cover the entire album – posting several photos on Instagram – one of a lyric sheet to “Welcome To New York,” the other of their set, captioning it: “Taylor Swift 1989 full album cover night 1.”

Swift introduced “Welcome To New York” last year as one of the song’s strongest leads, but many felt it wasn’t relatable. Most people don’t move to New York City with millions in the bank, so her label as “welcome ambassador” got quite a few laughs around the Brooklyn bar scene.

“What makes New York City, New York City, is that it is unlike anywhere else in the world,” Swift says in a promo video for NYCgo. “It’s almost like the city has its own heartbeat. You can find art that inspires you, fashion that inspires you, humanity that inspires you. Everywhere you look. It’s impossible not to fall in love or be affected by something in New York City.”

We do enjoy her isolated and unique outlook on the big city, but Adams’ cover transforms the song from unequivocally triumphant to swift and grungy. The kind of song you’d actually hear trotting around New York.

Swift caught wind of the claim, and shared a Tweet of sheer elation. We expected nothing less.

Swift announced this week her next single is “Wildest Dreams,” and BreatheHeavy has a few thoughts about that. Check for that story later in the day and let us know what you think about Adams’ “1989” vision in Exhale. Now, here’s a video of Taylor Swift talking to her cats.