BritneySpy.com reports that Britney may have had her baby a few hours ago, because a French Radio just anounced that she had just given birth, this is however a rumour so be careful….
Okay, here is the situation, I’m French, and french popular music radio stations here (NRJ, Europe 2, Skyrock…) tend to twist gossip on celebrities, and have already partialy or completely invented stuff on Britney, so since only NRJ has anounced it and that they are known to play pranks about celebs this info should be taken as a rumour until confirmed…+ radios and tabloids love to invent stuff on Britney here…
Also, if it is comfirmed that this is a hoax and that Britney did not just give birth, you should be aware that those kind of rumours are going to happen more and more often now ,because her due date is sometime this month and that we haven’t seen out and about pictures of Brit for a long time. So from now on it is most likely that tabloids and radio stations will report every 10 minutes that she has gone into labor… Just like when tabloids stated about 199 times these last two years that Britney was pregnant, to finally get it right on the 200th time

+ I doubt that a foreign (french) radio station would be the first to anounce that she just gave birth, it would be around all of the medias in the us before it is anounced anyway else (and especially in France, since the action is hapening in the us…)

Source: Britneyspy.com & Britneynow.com

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