(Rumour) Britney’s New Album Call “Crazy, ****, Fun”

February 24, 2005 By Jordan Miller

According to a close source of Jive and Leslie Sloane (the woman in charge of the Brit’s publicity), Britney’s next album would be called Crazy **** Fun, not Original Doll, and would include only a few new recorded tracks, while most of the other songs appearing on it were previously recorded. The CD should be released by the end of 2005.

Here’s the tracklisting, which could be modified depending on the countries and bonus material.

01. Sacred
02. New Era
03. Hope & Faith
04. I’m Just An Original Doll
05. Mona Lisa
06. Givin’ It Up 4 Love
07. Hollow, Man!
08. Wanna Be
09. Wonderland
10. It’s Not I Don’t Love U No More
11. Free