Rumors Of The Week

December 14, 2010 By Jordan Miller

Tons of rumors are making the rounds this week after news that Britney’s album would debut this March.

Here is a post of the juiciest threads merged together to create a super post of amazingness. Let’s begin!

Abra: Dr. Luke, co-executive producer of Britney’s new album, recently Tweeted a reader asking if she heard the new mix of “Abra.” Fans are speculating this may be Britney’s first single:

Press release: A rumored press release, most likely fake, is making the rounds in the Britney world. It says the new album name is “Trash.” Ummm… if that were true the jokes would write themself.

And finally…

Hold It Against Me: After Dr. Luke Tweeted fans revealing a new Britney track, Hold It Against Me, a demo surfaced on YouTube. Cool track, but definitely not Britney-worthy:

And there you have it kiddies… three rumors that don’t deserve their own post, but combined make it all worth it!